Why You Should Get The iPhone SE ♡

I don’t think I was the only person that was stuck with an iPhone 4S, I really don’t. Upgrading to iOS 9 was definitely a mistake, my little old phone couldn’t take it. I was in need of an upgrade, and I ended up waiting nearly six months for it, but let me tell you, it was worth it.

Last Saturday I got the iPhone SE, and as soon as I took it out of the box I knew I would absolutely love it. I got it with 16GB, and in the colour Rose Gold, because y’know… it’s beautiful.

Today I’m going to give you some reasons why you should get the iPhone SE:

First of all, the speed. The speed. It’s so quick, it’s insane. Since it has 2GB ram it’s super fast, apps don’t refresh as frequently, you can get from one app to another in a split second. This is one of my favourite things about it.

Secondly, the camera is amazing. The back camera is 12mp, making it crystal clear and making your photos crisp and clean. You can also shoot videos in 4k, which is like, TV standard. The front-facing camera is the same as on the 5S, so it’s not too up-to-date, but it isn’t bad at all, it’s still very clear.

It’s also very comfortable to hold, since I never had a 6, 6+, 6S or 6S+, it wouldn’t be a big deal to go from a big phone to a much smaller phone, but since I upgraded from a little 4S, the size difference wasn’t too bad. It’s hard to drop (that sounds so stupid), but it’s true, many a time have I held my friends iPhone 6’s and nearly dropped them smack on the ground. The SE fits perfectly in my hand and there’s no worry of breaking it.

The colours are also lovely, rose gold is stunning, this was (pathetically) one of my reasons for getting it, a little bit shallow but way too true.

The battery is incredible. I can go from 9a.m. to 10.p.m without running out of battery. It really does last for ages, and that’s one of my favourite things about it.

The price is also very good, it is one of the cheapest iPhones (if not the cheapest) that’s ever been brought out.

Overall, it’s an incredible phone, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Bye for now x

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Things To Do On A Rainy Day ♡

Rainy days can be great, but they can also be extremely boring when you have nothing to do. When it’s winter, it’s cold and dull, you have a cosy film on, you’re more then happy for it to rain outside. But when it’s summer and it won’t stop raining non-stop, it can be so boring and put you in a bad mood. Finding things to do on days like that is important, because lazing around isn’t good for anyone, and being productive is so rewarding when you get a result. Today I’m going to give you a few things to do when it’s a rainy day and you have nothing to do!

Start a blog! Why do you think I started one? Well, I’ve always loved writing, and this summer has been particularly boring, due to the more-then-rubbish weather we’ve been having, and designing a place where I could share my thoughts and ideas with people seemed like the perfect thing to do. Starting a blog can really make your creative side come to life.

Play board games. Round up yer family, you ‘eard me. Find your mum, dad, brother, sister, pet cabbage, and force them to play Monopoly with you. Or Pictionary, that one’s good.

Call over some friends! Inviting someone over spontaneously is always fun, and being bored in the rain together is better then alone haha. No but really, watch movies, make food, make a den, you’re sorted.


Go on YouTube and watch ANYTHING. There’s been a time when all of us (yes, all of us) have gone onto YouTube and ended up watching something completely random. Do it, it’s good fun.

Re-organise your room. I used to be the type of person that would change the layout of my room almost every week, or whenever I got bored of it. Move some furniture around and do a little spring clean (even though it’s nearly autumn). Change the theme of the room by creating a new colour scheme. For example, in the summer my room is full of pinks, yellows, and other bright colours, and in autumn/winter it’s mostly browns, greys and other darkish colours.

So there you have it folks, a few little things to do if it’s a rainy day, or if you’re just plain bored. Hope you enjoyed!

Bye for now x

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How To: Superfood Salad 🌱

I think by now we all know the intense difficulty of trying to keep healthy. Whether that’s by eating right, exercising regularly, or keeping your mind at peace, all are strenuous.

Recently, I’ve been trying to cope with all of these. Managing what you eat is so hard, and finding the motivation to exercise is just as difficult.

Today I’m going to tell you how I made this salad, because it tasted amazing and it’s so good for you.


Curry oil.

So first of all I cooked some quinoa (follow the instructions on the packet), I also added half a vegetable stock pot to it to add a bit of flavour.

Next I de-seeded the pomegranate and put that in the bowl with the quinoa. I then shredded some spinach, chopped up some avocado and pepper, got a handful of raisins, and I threw that all in the bowl too. There was also some curry oil my mum had made, which I put in too because the flavour was amazing. The ingredients for the curry oil were: white wine vinegar, curry powder, chilli powder, olive oil & mango chutney. The salad tasted amazing and also is very beneficial to your health. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring, incorporate fruit & veg that you know you like, and just make it work!

Another few ingredients you could include in the salad are: flaked almonds, spring onion, cucumber, celery, or whatever you like!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and maybe got a bit of inspiration for ingredients to add to your next lunch 😉

Bye for now x

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Reasons to Use Coconut Oil ♥︎

Hellooooo, this post is going to be a health/beauty, because you can’t go wrong right? I also think this post could help a lot of people, so here it is! Reasons why you need coconut oil in your life. If the smell of coconut isn’t your cup of tea, I would maybe avoid this post.

About a month ago my dad purchased some virgin coconut oil, it cost around €10 and he got it from a health food shop. I’m pretty sure you can get it in Tesco and almost every shop, but make sure it’s raw/virgin coconut oil. Here’s what it looks like:

Yup, I know, not exactly beautiful but we’re focusing on what’s inside at the moment.

1. It is amazing for  your skin. It contains Vitamin E which prevents cracking on your skin, it repairs wear and tear on, and prevents wrinkles. Some people would use coconut oil as a cleanser, but it can also be used as a moisturiser, which is mainly what I use it for. Before I go to bed I apply a small amount on my hand and gently massage it into my skin. If you have drier skin you could try aloe vera which contains 18 amino acids, shea butter or beeswax. If you have oily skin you could try ylang ylang oil, tea tree, eucalyptus and lavender essential oil. The coconut oil glides onto my skin and can feel a little greasy but by the morning your skin feels soft and luscious.

2. It can also be used for dry or cracked lips. It works amazingly. Better than any lip balm I’ve ever purchased. It glides onto the lips, and dissolves quite quickly. I would recommend only using a small amount on your lips because for some reason it melts and if you use a lot it could drip and let’s be honest, that’s a teeny bit disgusting. It also smells beautiful (if you like the smell of coconut, obvz…) and it makes me tempted to eat it, which brings me onto my next point.

3. You can eat it… I don’t know if you would want to but you can. It would mostly be used in cooking, in dishes or as an alternative to butter or frying oils. I looked into a bit more detail on this point and found some interesting facts. Coconut oil is very high in saturated fats, which isn’t a terrible thing. These saturated fats are good for your immune system and help to fight off bacteria. They can also lower cholesterol levels. As coconut oil is rich in saturated fats it is extremely high in calories, so I wouldn’t go mad eating it. I personally disliked the taste and texture of just eating it plain, and spat it out almost immediately. A good idea would be to incorporate a spoonful or so into your food (smoothie, milkshake for example) every so often as it’s very good for your health.

4. You can use it as a hair conditioner, or hair mask. The oils in it can treat your hair and it’s so good for the ends, i.e. if you have split ends it could do them some good. As it is rich in fatty acids it nourishes the hair and scalp. It can also be fun to cover your hair in coconut oil!!

So there you have it! There are four reasons to love coconut oil, I hope you enjoyed and I hope that this post was helpful. Bye for now x

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How To: Perfect Chill Day + Deep Chat

Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a good day wherever you are on this planet, well done for stumbling upon my little corner of the internet (Planet Hana), I hope you enjoy this post!

I thought that for this post I could discuss some ways to unwind, and have the perfect laid-back, chilled-out day.

So deciding what time you want to wake up at can be essential when planning your day, whether you wake up in the early hours of the morning and watch the sunrise, or whether you sleep in so late you basically wake up at lunchtime, you can still chill out.

Setting an alarm for the early hours of the morning and getting up when you actually wanted to can feel like an achievement, and spending a few peaceful hours on your own watching the sun come up can really put things into perspective, you can feel at peace with yourself, you can feel grateful, you get a chance to appreciate life when everything is going at a slower pace. Nature is only just waking up then.

For me personally, I live in a very isolated patch of land where mostly it is silent. Being honest, it can be amazing, and other times it can be the worst. When you have a day out in a city and come home to return to a peaceful, calm environment, you really appreciate the quiet. But when it’s the summer and everyday is filled with grey clouds and silence, all you want to do is scream. Luckily I live with an incredibly loud family so it’s never too quiet, except for if my brother is away, because that boy has a voice like a boom-box. When he’s away it’s too quiet. Anyway, whether you live by the sea (imagine the waves crashing slowly in the morning, when you’re the only person on the beach, and you can be alone with your thoughts. Write songs, read a book, write a story, listen to music).

Whether you live in the countryside (imagine sitting in your back-garden or in a field surrounded by flowers and green grass and listening to the birds sing, breathing in the fresh air).

Or whether you live in the city (imagine getting out of bed at 6a.m. and opening the window, and listening and watching the city waking up. Grab a cup of coffee and look out of the window and watch the sunrise).

Basically, appreciate what you have and if what you have isn’t what you want, try and make the best of it. Sure, sometimes I don’t like looking out my window and only being able to see fields of green for miles and miles, but other times I realise that for some people that could be their dream, and deep down I really do love it. I love the peace and quiet, I love it.

ANYWAYYY… if you’re like my friends Holly and Hayley, especially Hayley, you’ll love to sleep in late, and I mean like 12p.m. late. Hahaha… Getting up at this time can feel great also as it is easier to jump out of bed at a later time and also you’ve gotten a very long sleep and you’ll most likely be in a better mood for the day.

Something to do when you’re having a chill day is to make a pile of all the movies you want to watch that day. Be it classics, old movies, Disney movies, personal favourites, comedy, thriller or even old home movies. Stack them all up and decide on which to watch first!

Make a hot drink to have with the movies, hot chocolate is a personal favourite of mine , or you could have tea or coffee or whatever you like.

Wear cosy pjs, wear whatever is comfortable, wear sweatpants and a vest, or fluffy bottoms and a baggy t-shirt, or shorts, or a onesie!

Make a fort! Just a suggestion but let’s be honest they’re always fun to make, especially with friends, decorate with fairy-lights, bring in snacks, set up a movie on a laptop or tablet and you’re ready to go.

Make food, (because…who doesn’t love food?) One time my friend came over for a sleepover and we made tons of rocky road and we ate most of it too… Another great chill snack is popcorn, and making it at home can be really fun. Most people usually make popcorn in the microwave but my family often buy popcorn kernels and make it in a pot, it’s so much healthier and has a better taste too, it’s also fun to watch it popping itself.)

Stay off social media. Leaving your phone off all day can help you to de-stress and taking a little break from it will make you feel refreshed.

Most of all getting plenty of sleep and drinking tons of water can make you feel fresh and relaxed. I hope you enjoyed this post and I apologise for my little rant in the middle… but I just have so much to say, and here seems like the perfect place to write it.

Bye for now! xx

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Studying Tips 📝

As I sit here on my laptop listening to a ’60s playlist with my cuddly black cat, Sooty, munching on digestive nibbles (yet again…), I think about why homework even exists. Sure, we need to stimulate our brains full of languages and all sorts of other nonsense again after coming home from a full day at the place where we’ve just done over six hours of it, but do we really? Is it really that necessary? There’s no way around not doing homework, unless you just don’t do it, full stop. That is the strategy of most of my class, but sadly for me, I was born one of those people who cares deeply about their future, so manages to put in the effort to do their homework each day, how unfortunate! But at the moment, I can barely muster the strength to get myself out of my bed and drag myself over to my desk to do my…homework. Even the word frustrates me. I can find no form of motivation, so therefore I am going to stay in bed until I absolutely must get up, but until then, I am not moving from this spot. So from the comfort of my bed, I am now going to present to you with some Studying Tips, for those of you who are like me, and hope for a bright and successful future:

 How to take notes. The other day I went into a shop in our town, I found a refill pad to get for school, but all of the pages were printed in blue. I ended up buying it, but to be frank, the only reason was because I liked the colour and thought it looked cool, it was not only until I got back in the car and actually properly looked at it that I realised it was a visual memory aid pad, specially made to help you remember what you’ve written down. And my god, it really works, I had to learn two pages of Irish off by heart (yay), and writing it down in this pad really helped. It also comes in yellow, and I’m not entirely sure but I also think pink? I would highly recommend investing in one of these, I can imagine them being sold pretty much anywhere, I was just too blank to even notice them before. So anyway, when taking notes there are many different ways to do it, firstly, bullet points. If it’s facts you’re writing down, I think this is the way to go. Learning the points separately will help, and when you’re finished you can get a friend to quiz you. The second way is spider diagrams, these can come in handy for history, geography, religion and science. Here is an example of a spider diagram I found on google:

Lastly, cue cards, preferably coloured ones. Write down facts on the cards and learn them individually. You can also write down questions on one side and the answers on the back, friends can also quiz you on this.

 Learn off to songs. This may sound bizarre but it actually works. For one of my languages it requires me to have to learn around two pages off my heart every couple of months, so I’m open to new forms of learning. This one, my dad kindly told me. If you swap the words of a song with the words of what you have to learn, it becomes a lot easier. I learnt a whole page of Irish in under three days thanks to this technique. Combined with the visual aid paper, it makes for a speedier learning process. Even if the sentences don’t match perfectly, it still works!

Invest in cute stationery! Bit random, but you’ll actually want to study if you have equipment you actually like and that feels as if it fits with your personality.

Like who wouldn’t want to use these adorable highlighters? And just look at that poo sharpener! xD I actually had one of these in pink, that I got from a Japanese festival called Hyper Japan (GO THERE!) But I broke it, because y’know…that’s what happens…in life… You can also get kawaii paper, and pens and pencils. Washi tape is also awesome. I just love cute things!

IMPORTANT as essential and necessary as studying is, your mental health comes first, always. So if you have a test tomorrow and you haven’t studied, don’t worry, because worrying won’t change anything. Instead, get an adequate amount of sleep for the next day, and if you have time, study in the morning. The chances are, if it was a test you hadn’t studied for, it couldn’t have been that important, not like the Leaving Cert, or GCSEs or A levels! (Or the exams everywhere else…) And if you really cared that much, you would’ve studied anyway 😉

Hope you enjoyed this post! Byee x