London Day 3 ♡

First of all, do not attempt the bean boozled challenge. You will end up eating vomit flavoured beans, and then end up eating actual vomit, so there, just don’t do it, pleasant reading right?

In actual fact, I didn’t throw up, but I was very close. The canned dog food, lawn clippings, smelly socks and baby wipe flavoured beans slightly took the edge off the vomit. I seemed to be the only person doing the challenge, and although I was eating the most absolutely disgusting flavoured pieces of crap, it was quite fun. By the way, if you’re reading this and eating breakfast/lunch/dinner, I do apologise. But anyway, that was in the evening, let’s start with a bit earlier on. Here’s London Day 3:

Let’s be honest, one of the main things we do when we go on holiday is eat out in nice restaurants, and my grandparents wanted to take us to a nice Italian place in their local town, so that’s where we went for lunch. But before that, my brother and my Dad and I hopped on the bus and went to a town about 20 minutes away where there was meant to be a very big charity shop. Since my brother is obsessed with all things 60s and records and all that, it seemed like the perfect place to go. I bought a record for myself, and one for my friend. I also found The Parent Trap on dvd for 99p and I couldn’t resist getting it. After going to the charity shop we had to get the bus to the Italian restaurant where we were meeting up with the rest of the family. Once we got there I sat down and had a good look at the menu, in the end I chose prawn linguine.

It was absolutely amazinggg, honestly it was one of the best lunches I’ve ever had. Despite it probably being over 2000 calories and dripping in oil, I didn’t feel too guilty about eating it.

After lunch, I met up with my friends who I’ve known my whole life and they introduced me to one of their friends who I’d never met before, surprisingly it wasn’t awkward at all and we got along really well. We just hung out, I helped my friend get rid of some of her old makeup, which was fun.

My mum’s oldest friend Kim invited us to her house to have a little get-together, with everyone invited. She cooked pasta, chicken, garlic bread and something else which I’ve forgotten…oops! The food was all really good, and everyone seemed to be having a great time. Kim’s little boy is a very talented footballer, despite being seven years old. He loves showing off his footballer skills, so himself, my dad, my brother, my uncle (Proppy, who was mentioned in previous posts), Kim’s brother and I all had a football brawl. Wow, that’s surprisingly difficult to say, football brawl. Anyway, I got two goals, which was a huge deal to me, seeing as I’m more than crap at football. It was quite funny to see my dad and brother playing just as badly as I was, it was a good laugh. For dessert we had profiteroles, cheesecake and strawberries, what more could you want?

After that everyone went home, and I couldn’t have been more ready for bed. It was a great day.

Bye for now x



London Day 2: ♡

Monday, this was when we were going into central London, and my expectations were high.

We got up around 9a.m, and I got changed into a red crop top from Topshop, and a black skater skirt (classic Hana outfit). I applied makeup and all that stuff but we won’t go into detail on that today. Once Sam (my brother), my mum, dad and I were ready to go, we made sure we had our Oyster cards, said goodbye to my grandparents and off we went!

The bus took us to the train station and we got the train to King’s Road where there were tons of really cool shops, quite expensive ones but they were fun to look at, even though I couldn’t afford anything. After a little while we were all a bit hungry and wanted a sit down, so we went to a family favourite, Pret A Manger. Since we don’t have it in Ireland we always go there when we come over. The food is so fresh and the prices aren’t too bad. We also had a look around Sloane Square, which was a lovely place too, the atmosphere was great and everyone seemed to be having a good time. We found a little old-fashioned book shop, packed full of new to old books, poetry and all sorts of writing. I bought a few classic penguin books for 80p, one was a book just full of Haikus, which I found oddly relaxing, and others we ancient Japanese and Chinese stories, which I am so excited to get in to, if you want me to do a post on them do let me know!

DSCN5405 (1).jpg

Also, if you happen to come across an Italian gelato shop called Amorino, do go in, and get the nicest ice-cream you will ever have in your life. They serve it like they do in Italy with paddles instead of scoops. The best part is they make it in the shape of a rose. You can have as many flavours as you like too, I had mango, strawberry, raspberry and chocolate hazelnut, and each flavour is a petal. Definitely go in if you get the chance, it’s worth it and is most certainly an experience.


The weather was alright, I wasn’t expecting it to be like Spain or anything, especially as it’s August, but I wish it could’ve been a little warmer.

The next stop was Leicester Square, it somehow ends up being the place where we always go in London, even when we weren’t planning it. My mum and I split up from Sam and my dad and we had a quick look around Covent Garden (a forever favourite stop of mine), we went into a Japanese shop called Art Box, where I bought some beautiful and adorable stationery, which I’ll share in a London Haul post, we also popped into some of the high-end makeup shops such as Charlotte Tilbury, Nars and Bobbi Brown, it was hard to resist splurging out and spending £20 on one lipstick… I didn’t buy it, I couldn’t part with my precious money.

We took a look around the market in the Piazza and there was a guy there that looked exactly like Leonardo DiCaprio when he was younger, my god, he was gorgey, we expected him to have an American, or Italian accent or something, but no, he opened his gob, and boy was I disappointed by the accent I witnessed. Anyway, shortly afterwards we met back up with my dad and Sam, and we had to decided upon somewhere to eat. With both my brother and dad not eating dairy or meat, it’s always difficult to find an appropriate restaurant, and to be quite honest, it’s a little annoying for my mum and I, when we’re in London there are so many cool and trendy restaurants to try out and we don’t get to go in them.

We ended up going to Jamie’s Italian, and good lord, you must try the fries there and make sure to order tons of their homemade tomato ketchup. I had prawn linguine and it was scrumpshteenie (my new word, it means it was good). There was also a gorgeous waiter there too haha, and my mum and I ogled him in true saddo fashion.

After dinner it was time to go home, I was sad the day was over but I couldn’t wait to get home, my feet were so sore and I was exhausted. When we got home all we did was chill out and go to bed. It was definitely a day to remember though, London really is amazing.

Bye for now x

London Day 1: ♡

Sitting in my grandparent’s garden in London, with the sun beaming down on me, and the chatter of family talking, I can safely say that I’m loving life.

Although that wasn’t the case earlier, about six hours ago I would’ve been happy enough to tear my eyeballs out, here’s why:

4:00a.m The usual dumb alarm clock noise, ducks quacking, what is wrong with me… Anyway, I managed to maintain the struggle of getting up at such a ridiculous hour, and stumble across my room (in the dark) to turn on the light. No sooner then being blinded by the sudden brightness, I nearly fell over due to that thing you get when you stand up too quickly, y’know, that white fuzzy eye thing. I somehow managed to get dressed, and go into my brother (Sam)’s room to wake him up. 30 minutes later and the suitcases were in the car, we were all set to go.

7:10a.m We were at the airport by this stage, and I was enjoying the constant bickering between the rest of my family (not). Soon to board the plane (thank jesus…). I didn’t get the chance to look at any duty-free makeup which was a shame, but maybe I will on the way back.

8:05a.m On the plane, stress levels through-the-roof, I cried my eyes out when we were taking off. Due to my whole family’s pettiness towards each other, I didn’t get to sit next to my mum on the plane, that was a real pain, because we’re usually each other’s comfort company during the flight. I felt so anxious and terrified for the first half of the flight, but when my mum saw my petrified expression she swapped places until she was sitting with me, and we comforted each other.

8:55a.m Near to landing, I felt awful. The turbulence was so bad, and I didn’t think we were even going to break through the clouds. But we did, we landed, safe and sound.

10:30-3:30. At my grandparent’s, my friend’s mum was kind enough to collect us from the airport and bring us here, and I’m just enjoying the sun. My mum’s brother (my uncle, Proppy, it’s a nickname) stopped by for a while and we all had a good catch up. A little while before that we nipped to the town to have a look in the charity shops, but they were closed, I went into the pharmacy and got a couple of little presents for people, which was fun. I’m sitting here in the sun, feeling MUCH better then before, and enjoying life.

3:20p.m I decided to put on a little makeup, because it’s FUN! If you would like to see what I used today, click here

4:00p.m My mum and Bubba decided to make an afternoon tea, and invited friends. My mum invited her friend and her mum and her little son Gabriel, it was so lovely to see them! My life-long besties came over and we snacked on tuna and cucumber finger sandwiches and egg sandwiches, and of course crisps! For dessert we had mini-scones, bakewell cake and no-bake strawberry cheesecake (and real strawberries). The weather was amazing, and the atmosphere was great.

It is currently 8:39p.m and to be quite honest, I am ready for bed. I’m gonna just chill and catch up on some YouTube videos!

Bye for now! Day two will be all about my trip (which is tomorrow) to London!

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I Blog Because ♡ #iblogbecause

I blog because I have a passion for writing, always have and always will.

I blog because it gives people a chance to learn about me, and things I like and enjoy.

I blog because it helps me be productive and keeps me motivated.

I blog because I’m spending time wisely.

I blog because it could potentially make people happy, if they enjoy my writing.

I blog because I’m using something I’m good at in a creative way.

I blog because it makes me feel relaxed.

I blog because it helps me clear my mind when I’m stressed.

I blog because I love it.

July – A Reflection ♡

As I sit here in my best friend’s house with a tiny kitten in my lap, I start to think about everything that’s happened this month. Despite the awful “summer” weather, and not getting up to much, I have really enjoyed this month.

Since I only started my blog in July, I was hoping to reach at least 200 page views before the month was up, and I got over 200 in the end, which made me so happy.

I also hosted my first Twitter chat, which was a great success, I really enjoyed making new friends and chatting to different people! #chattynights

My brother and my dad both celebrated their birthdays this month, and both days were so fun. On my brother’s we went out to the seaside on the coast of Dublin and we went shopping in the city centre, and at the end of the day we watched him show off his singing and guitar skills at an open mic night, you can read all about that day in a blog post I did called Diary Of A Day.

Only yesterday I went to my friend’s little sister’s birthday party. She had a bouncy castle and we all had such fun jumping around on it, even when it rained we stayed out, regardless of getting soaked.

Some little kitties were born on July 5th, and on Tuesday will be a month old!


I also spent plenty of time hanging out with my best friends, we didn’t really go out shopping or go anywhere this month but we went round to each other’s houses and just generally enjoyed each other’s company. Here’s some pictures of us!



Despite not going out much and not having much sunshine, July was a great month. Countless laughs were shared (especially between my mum and I), much Mario Kart Wii was played among siblings and friends, many, many horror movies were watched (seriously, watch ‘Hush’), several new internet friends were made, three little sleepy kittens were cuddled and so many late night chats were exchanged.

I really hope you had a great month, and if you didn’t I’m sure things will pick up soon.

Bye for now and see you in August! x

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Collab ♡ Diary of a Day – Dublin Adventures


Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a fabulousssss day! Today’s post is a good un’, it’s a collaboration with a lovely girl (my new internet friend ;)), who’s blog you have to check out, here’s a link to her page: Marshmallow Skye!

We had the idea to do today’s post as if it were a diary entry. The day I’ve chosen is last Sunday, as it was the day after my brother’s birthday and my family went out to Ireland’s capital, Dublin, to celebrate!

At 9a.m on Sunday morning I woke up to the sound of ducks quacking, which (don’t ask why), is the noise I set my alarm to make. God knows why… Who possibly enjoys waking up to the sound of a flock of angry ducks quacking you awake? I certainly don’t, so don’t ask me why I chose such an absurd and utterly ridiculous alarm noise to wake me up. Anyway, I got up out of bed and tiptoed past my still-fast-asleep (despite the quacking ducks) friend Hayley, who had slept over at my house the night before, and I quickly hopped in the shower.

About thirty minutes later I was washed, dressed and ready to dry my hair. Everyone in my family has been borrowing my hairdryer recently, as my mum’s broke, and it is INFURIATING! I never know where it is! Anyway (x2), I dried and curled my hair and went back upstairs to put on makeup. I didn’t put on much as I was in a rush, so all I used was the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, the Collection contour and highlight kit, some eyeshadows from Revolution’s ‘Girls on Film; palette, Rimmel’s ‘Wake Me Up’ mascara and a nude lip gloss by Seventeen.

We left for Dublin at around 11a.m and dropped Hayley back home on the way there.

We were planning on going shopping in Dublin but since the weather was hot and sunny (for Ireland..), we decided to drive to Howth first, which is a beautiful seaside town on Dublin’s coastline. One thing I love about Dublin is that it’s a major city right beside the sea! Here are some pictures I took: (please give credit if you use them).


The atmosphere was amazing and everyone that was there seemed to be having as much of a lovely time as I did. We went into the Howth Market, where there were people selling all different kinds of things, especially food. There was one company there selling crazy popcorn flavours, e.g. cinnamon, oreo, mixed berry.

After pottering around Howth for a while we decided to drive into the city, to go shopping. The weather stayed beautiful the entire time we were there. We decided to split up once we got there, as everyone wanted to go to different places. So my brother (Sam) and his girlfriend (Courtney) went off to do their thing, my Dad went off to whatever shops he likes, and my mum and me went to Tiger, Penneys/Primark, Forever 21, M&S and Burger King… (for a quick snack). I’ve heard good things about the Penneys/Primark liquid lipsticks, so I got one.

About 2 and a half hours later we decided it was time for a meal, we had all had a good look around and we were all starving. We were originally planning on going to a vegan restaurant, as my brother, his girlfriend, and my dad all don’t eat meat or dairy, but we soon found out that it was closed, so we had to find somewhere else. We had a good look around for a nice place to eat until we came across this cute little sushi restaurant called Zakura, the prices were reasonable and the atmosphere was good.

I ordered the chicken ramen, here’s what it looked like:

I really did enjoy it, but it was so so spicy that it was hurting me to eat any more by the end. The quantity was massive, but it was definitely enjoyable despite me not being able to finish it for it being too spicy! I would definitely recommend visiting this restaurant, for anyone interested, Zakura is located on Camden Street on the South side of Dublin.

It was quite late by the time we were finished eating, but we weren’t going home yet! My brother who is into music, and is a very talented guitarist and singer, wanted to sing at an open mic night, in a pub in Dublin. I was sceptical at first as I was so tired and didn’t even know if I’d get in, but it was fine, and I actually had a great time in the end. Everyone that sang there was very talented and friendly. There were so many different types of people there from different countries and I really enjoyed myself, as did everyone else.

Here’s a picture of my brother singing 😉

I really hope you enjoyed this post, and don’t forget to read Marshmallow Skye‘s! Hers is a very exciting one!

Bye for now x

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How To: Perfect Chill Day + Deep Chat

Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a good day wherever you are on this planet, well done for stumbling upon my little corner of the internet (Planet Hana), I hope you enjoy this post!

I thought that for this post I could discuss some ways to unwind, and have the perfect laid-back, chilled-out day.

So deciding what time you want to wake up at can be essential when planning your day, whether you wake up in the early hours of the morning and watch the sunrise, or whether you sleep in so late you basically wake up at lunchtime, you can still chill out.

Setting an alarm for the early hours of the morning and getting up when you actually wanted to can feel like an achievement, and spending a few peaceful hours on your own watching the sun come up can really put things into perspective, you can feel at peace with yourself, you can feel grateful, you get a chance to appreciate life when everything is going at a slower pace. Nature is only just waking up then.

For me personally, I live in a very isolated patch of land where mostly it is silent. Being honest, it can be amazing, and other times it can be the worst. When you have a day out in a city and come home to return to a peaceful, calm environment, you really appreciate the quiet. But when it’s the summer and everyday is filled with grey clouds and silence, all you want to do is scream. Luckily I live with an incredibly loud family so it’s never too quiet, except for if my brother is away, because that boy has a voice like a boom-box. When he’s away it’s too quiet. Anyway, whether you live by the sea (imagine the waves crashing slowly in the morning, when you’re the only person on the beach, and you can be alone with your thoughts. Write songs, read a book, write a story, listen to music).

Whether you live in the countryside (imagine sitting in your back-garden or in a field surrounded by flowers and green grass and listening to the birds sing, breathing in the fresh air).

Or whether you live in the city (imagine getting out of bed at 6a.m. and opening the window, and listening and watching the city waking up. Grab a cup of coffee and look out of the window and watch the sunrise).

Basically, appreciate what you have and if what you have isn’t what you want, try and make the best of it. Sure, sometimes I don’t like looking out my window and only being able to see fields of green for miles and miles, but other times I realise that for some people that could be their dream, and deep down I really do love it. I love the peace and quiet, I love it.

ANYWAYYY… if you’re like my friends Holly and Hayley, especially Hayley, you’ll love to sleep in late, and I mean like 12p.m. late. Hahaha… Getting up at this time can feel great also as it is easier to jump out of bed at a later time and also you’ve gotten a very long sleep and you’ll most likely be in a better mood for the day.

Something to do when you’re having a chill day is to make a pile of all the movies you want to watch that day. Be it classics, old movies, Disney movies, personal favourites, comedy, thriller or even old home movies. Stack them all up and decide on which to watch first!

Make a hot drink to have with the movies, hot chocolate is a personal favourite of mine , or you could have tea or coffee or whatever you like.

Wear cosy pjs, wear whatever is comfortable, wear sweatpants and a vest, or fluffy bottoms and a baggy t-shirt, or shorts, or a onesie!

Make a fort! Just a suggestion but let’s be honest they’re always fun to make, especially with friends, decorate with fairy-lights, bring in snacks, set up a movie on a laptop or tablet and you’re ready to go.

Make food, (because…who doesn’t love food?) One time my friend came over for a sleepover and we made tons of rocky road and we ate most of it too… Another great chill snack is popcorn, and making it at home can be really fun. Most people usually make popcorn in the microwave but my family often buy popcorn kernels and make it in a pot, it’s so much healthier and has a better taste too, it’s also fun to watch it popping itself.)

Stay off social media. Leaving your phone off all day can help you to de-stress and taking a little break from it will make you feel refreshed.

Most of all getting plenty of sleep and drinking tons of water can make you feel fresh and relaxed. I hope you enjoyed this post and I apologise for my little rant in the middle… but I just have so much to say, and here seems like the perfect place to write it.

Bye for now! xx

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