London Day 2: ♡

Monday, this was when we were going into central London, and my expectations were high.

We got up around 9a.m, and I got changed into a red crop top from Topshop, and a black skater skirt (classic Hana outfit). I applied makeup and all that stuff but we won’t go into detail on that today. Once Sam (my brother), my mum, dad and I were ready to go, we made sure we had our Oyster cards, said goodbye to my grandparents and off we went!

The bus took us to the train station and we got the train to King’s Road where there were tons of really cool shops, quite expensive ones but they were fun to look at, even though I couldn’t afford anything. After a little while we were all a bit hungry and wanted a sit down, so we went to a family favourite, Pret A Manger. Since we don’t have it in Ireland we always go there when we come over. The food is so fresh and the prices aren’t too bad. We also had a look around Sloane Square, which was a lovely place too, the atmosphere was great and everyone seemed to be having a good time. We found a little old-fashioned book shop, packed full of new to old books, poetry and all sorts of writing. I bought a few classic penguin books for 80p, one was a book just full of Haikus, which I found oddly relaxing, and others we ancient Japanese and Chinese stories, which I am so excited to get in to, if you want me to do a post on them do let me know!

DSCN5405 (1).jpg

Also, if you happen to come across an Italian gelato shop called Amorino, do go in, and get the nicest ice-cream you will ever have in your life. They serve it like they do in Italy with paddles instead of scoops. The best part is they make it in the shape of a rose. You can have as many flavours as you like too, I had mango, strawberry, raspberry and chocolate hazelnut, and each flavour is a petal. Definitely go in if you get the chance, it’s worth it and is most certainly an experience.


The weather was alright, I wasn’t expecting it to be like Spain or anything, especially as it’s August, but I wish it could’ve been a little warmer.

The next stop was Leicester Square, it somehow ends up being the place where we always go in London, even when we weren’t planning it. My mum and I split up from Sam and my dad and we had a quick look around Covent Garden (a forever favourite stop of mine), we went into a Japanese shop called Art Box, where I bought some beautiful and adorable stationery, which I’ll share in a London Haul post, we also popped into some of the high-end makeup shops such as Charlotte Tilbury, Nars and Bobbi Brown, it was hard to resist splurging out and spending £20 on one lipstick… I didn’t buy it, I couldn’t part with my precious money.

We took a look around the market in the Piazza and there was a guy there that looked exactly like Leonardo DiCaprio when he was younger, my god, he was gorgey, we expected him to have an American, or Italian accent or something, but no, he opened his gob, and boy was I disappointed by the accent I witnessed. Anyway, shortly afterwards we met back up with my dad and Sam, and we had to decided upon somewhere to eat. With both my brother and dad not eating dairy or meat, it’s always difficult to find an appropriate restaurant, and to be quite honest, it’s a little annoying for my mum and I, when we’re in London there are so many cool and trendy restaurants to try out and we don’t get to go in them.

We ended up going to Jamie’s Italian, and good lord, you must try the fries there and make sure to order tons of their homemade tomato ketchup. I had prawn linguine and it was scrumpshteenie (my new word, it means it was good). There was also a gorgeous waiter there too haha, and my mum and I ogled him in true saddo fashion.

After dinner it was time to go home, I was sad the day was over but I couldn’t wait to get home, my feet were so sore and I was exhausted. When we got home all we did was chill out and go to bed. It was definitely a day to remember though, London really is amazing.

Bye for now x


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