London Day 1: ♡

Sitting in my grandparent’s garden in London, with the sun beaming down on me, and the chatter of family talking, I can safely say that I’m loving life.

Although that wasn’t the case earlier, about six hours ago I would’ve been happy enough to tear my eyeballs out, here’s why:

4:00a.m The usual dumb alarm clock noise, ducks quacking, what is wrong with me… Anyway, I managed to maintain the struggle of getting up at such a ridiculous hour, and stumble across my room (in the dark) to turn on the light. No sooner then being blinded by the sudden brightness, I nearly fell over due to that thing you get when you stand up too quickly, y’know, that white fuzzy eye thing. I somehow managed to get dressed, and go into my brother (Sam)’s room to wake him up. 30 minutes later and the suitcases were in the car, we were all set to go.

7:10a.m We were at the airport by this stage, and I was enjoying the constant bickering between the rest of my family (not). Soon to board the plane (thank jesus…). I didn’t get the chance to look at any duty-free makeup which was a shame, but maybe I will on the way back.

8:05a.m On the plane, stress levels through-the-roof, I cried my eyes out when we were taking off. Due to my whole family’s pettiness towards each other, I didn’t get to sit next to my mum on the plane, that was a real pain, because we’re usually each other’s comfort company during the flight. I felt so anxious and terrified for the first half of the flight, but when my mum saw my petrified expression she swapped places until she was sitting with me, and we comforted each other.

8:55a.m Near to landing, I felt awful. The turbulence was so bad, and I didn’t think we were even going to break through the clouds. But we did, we landed, safe and sound.

10:30-3:30. At my grandparent’s, my friend’s mum was kind enough to collect us from the airport and bring us here, and I’m just enjoying the sun. My mum’s brother (my uncle, Proppy, it’s a nickname) stopped by for a while and we all had a good catch up. A little while before that we nipped to the town to have a look in the charity shops, but they were closed, I went into the pharmacy and got a couple of little presents for people, which was fun. I’m sitting here in the sun, feeling MUCH better then before, and enjoying life.

3:20p.m I decided to put on a little makeup, because it’s FUN! If you would like to see what I used today, click here

4:00p.m My mum and Bubba decided to make an afternoon tea, and invited friends. My mum invited her friend and her mum and her little son Gabriel, it was so lovely to see them! My life-long besties came over and we snacked on tuna and cucumber finger sandwiches and egg sandwiches, and of course crisps! For dessert we had mini-scones, bakewell cake and no-bake strawberry cheesecake (and real strawberries). The weather was amazing, and the atmosphere was great.

It is currently 8:39p.m and to be quite honest, I am ready for bed. I’m gonna just chill and catch up on some YouTube videos!

Bye for now! Day two will be all about my trip (which is tomorrow) to London!

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