A Little Bit About Me ♡

Hi everyone, as I’ve been blogging a lot more lately, and all my posts have been kind of random, I thought today’s could be something a bit different and it should also give you a little insight into what it’s like… being moi! xD

My name is of Japanese origin. Instead of naming me Hannah, (which would’ve been a lot easier…trust me…) my parents opted for something a little more on the unique side of things and decided to name me Hana, meaning flower in Japanese. Although it’s a pain having to correct everyone when they spell my name wrong, I do appreciate having a name that is different, it fits well with my personality and over the years my interest in Japanese culture has grown, thanks to my name.

I’m half English, half Irish. My Mum is originally from London, and my Dad is from Dublin. I was born in England but we moved to Ireland when I was quite young as my Dad wanted us to experience living in Ireland while my brother and I were still kids. It was hard to adjust, and with our English accents, my brother and I were easy to pick on. As I was younger I didn’t get it nearly as bad as my brother did. Luckily now he’s totally grown up, and is confident in himself, as he should be. Living in Ireland has taught me several things, some good, some bad, but let’s save that for another day. Put it this way, some days I love the freedom Ireland and its countryside gives, other days I beg for surroundings other then fields full of cows and their poo. You get it? Anyway here’s a picture of us now…

My best friends and I met through social media. A few years ago I was faced with the difficult decision of choosing a secondary school to attend. As a shy yet insane person (some of you will get it…), it was a very hard decision to make. I didn’t know where I would fit in best. My two options were a school in my local town or another one about 20 minutes away. In the local school, I would know a lot of the people there, and in the other school I would be thrown in at the deep end and know no one, I think I considered this school as I thought that starting fresh was a bold and brave decision to make, but now I know that doesn’t matter, I should’ve just known wherever I feel comfortable, I should go. I couldn’t decide which I thought was better until I met my (now) best friends. We found each other through Instagram, we found that we lived only a few short minutes away, and our mums became friends just as we did. On my last day of primary school, my mum and I went round to their house for the first time, and we all immediately became best friends. It was amazing to become friends with people who are like me, who like the same kind of things as me, who enjoy talking about the same subjects as I do. Knowing that they were going to the local school, it was now a very easy decision to make on which one I should go to. A few years down the line and our friendship is still as strong as ever. Here you go folks! Meet my best friends.

That’s all I’m going to talk about for this post, because we all know if I talk anymore we’ll be here forever, and you’ll just get bored! I really hope you enjoyed this post, and maybe learnt a little bit more about me.

Bye for now x

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