St Boxing Day

Being half English/half Irish, with one English parent and one Irish parent, it’s often that I’m faced with the short dilemma of choosing phrases. For example, the day after Christmas is called Boxing Day in England, but it’s called St. Stephen’s Day in Ireland. So for the name of this post, it only seems right to put both together, that’s why this post is entitled: St Boxing Day.

Now I don’t know about you, but my day after Christmas consists of more or less the exact same traditions as Christmas Day, minus opening presents. Watching TV and movies with my family, eating leftover turkey, stuffing my face with crisps and chocolate, staring at my Christmas presents in awe and staying in my pyjamas all day. Today was an exception though, as my brother’s girlfriend Courtney suggested that we go for a walk. We got dressed and set off to a local area set on a really steep hill, and once you get to the top, you turn around and then there’s this stunning view, there’s Ireland in all its beauty. Sort of like Primrose Hill, except instead of the city, there’s wind turbines and cows and hills. Since my dad and I are recovering from the flu and coughs, we really thought that the fresh air would do us good. We were wrong.

Perhaps we wouldn’t have felt so light-headed if we hadn’t decided to hurtle up the last part of the hill. By the time we had reached the top, I thought I was going to be sick. Now I’m telling you, I really thought I would be warm enough in my duffel coat and gigantic new scarf, but no, I couldn’t feel my hands, my toes or my nose. My mum, my brother Sam and Courtney caught up with us at the top of the hill and we all took in the breathtaking view. My mum was sensible enough to bring a hat and gloves as well a scarf, but even she was freezing.

We got home, and my mum used some of the leftover turkey to create a kind of pastry parcel, with gravy and peas and it was magnificent. During dinner we made a toast to George Michael. We were all shocked at last night’s news, and as my mum is (or was, when she was younger) a huge Wham fan, it hit hard and we all got a bit upset.

After dinner, we just relaxed and watched an episode of Black Mirror, a very very good show. I would highly recommend watching it, my favourite one is “Hated in The Nation”. We also had a laugh messing about trying to guess songs. Another show we’ve been watching a lot of is Sherlock, and my god, I’m becoming obsessed. My brother, my mum and my dad have all already seen it, and they wanted me to see it too, and I couldn’t be happier about that.

Right now, a sing-song is in progress. My dad and Sam have sung some 80s songs, with my mum and Courtney joining in, I’d love to join in too but I’m not very good at singing in front of people. One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to start singing in front of people. What are yours?

Anyway, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas day, and apologies for not posting in a very long time. Enjoy the rest of the holidays! x





Why You Should Get The iPhone SE ♡

I don’t think I was the only person that was stuck with an iPhone 4S, I really don’t. Upgrading to iOS 9 was definitely a mistake, my little old phone couldn’t take it. I was in need of an upgrade, and I ended up waiting nearly six months for it, but let me tell you, it was worth it.

Last Saturday I got the iPhone SE, and as soon as I took it out of the box I knew I would absolutely love it. I got it with 16GB, and in the colour Rose Gold, because y’know… it’s beautiful.

Today I’m going to give you some reasons why you should get the iPhone SE:

First of all, the speed. The speed. It’s so quick, it’s insane. Since it has 2GB ram it’s super fast, apps don’t refresh as frequently, you can get from one app to another in a split second. This is one of my favourite things about it.

Secondly, the camera is amazing. The back camera is 12mp, making it crystal clear and making your photos crisp and clean. You can also shoot videos in 4k, which is like, TV standard. The front-facing camera is the same as on the 5S, so it’s not too up-to-date, but it isn’t bad at all, it’s still very clear.

It’s also very comfortable to hold, since I never had a 6, 6+, 6S or 6S+, it wouldn’t be a big deal to go from a big phone to a much smaller phone, but since I upgraded from a little 4S, the size difference wasn’t too bad. It’s hard to drop (that sounds so stupid), but it’s true, many a time have I held my friends iPhone 6’s and nearly dropped them smack on the ground. The SE fits perfectly in my hand and there’s no worry of breaking it.

The colours are also lovely, rose gold is stunning, this was (pathetically) one of my reasons for getting it, a little bit shallow but way too true.

The battery is incredible. I can go from 9a.m. to 10.p.m without running out of battery. It really does last for ages, and that’s one of my favourite things about it.

The price is also very good, it is one of the cheapest iPhones (if not the cheapest) that’s ever been brought out.

Overall, it’s an incredible phone, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Bye for now x

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Review: SEVENTEEN Skin Wow Concealer


Hi everyone! Today I’m doing something new on my blog, a review!

I recently got the SEVENTEEN Skin Wow Concealer, and I was so eager to try it out.

The packaging is just gorgeous, it looks and feels more expensive then it actually is, and for only £4.99 you can’t really go wrong. It comes with a brush tip, and you have to click it to pump the liquid concealer to the brush. I got it in the shade medium too.


I’ve never used a concealer like this before so I was so excited to try this out. It took quite a while to actually pump it out but once the concealer got to the brush part it was fine.


Ignore the rest of my face but this is what it looked like before blending, I was impressed by how light the consistency was on my face, it didn’t feel heavy at all. Once I blended it I was pleasantly surprised at the coverage, it got rid of any dark circles or veins. It created a highlight under my eyes so I looked wide awake and fresh. To be honest, at the price it was, I wasn’t expecting it to be amazing, but I really do like it and I’m very impressed with it. I think it represents great value for money and is a great addition to my makeup collection.


I love using this concealer and I’ve been using it everyday since I got it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that wants a light but good coverage concealer. I hope you enjoyed this post! Bye! x

Here’s where you can buy the product:

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Book Review: All The Bright Places ♡

First of all, I am speechless, in so many different ways. You must read this book, if you can handle it. I’m not sure I can. This book will send you into a frenzy of different emotions, and at the end you will want more. It will have you thinking so many thoughts, too many to count, and your head will be filled with quotes. So many beautiful, different quotes. You’ll want to write them down and stick them on your wall, like Finch does.

This is what it’s about, and don’t worry, I won’t give spoilers.

This book focuses on the lives of Violet Markey (or Ultraviolet Remarkey-able) and Theodore Finch (or just Finch).

Violet is grieving over her sister, who recently died in a tragic accident.

Finch is suicidal, and his world is shrinking day by day.

They first meet on the ledge of the school tower, where they are both considering jumping, until they see each other.

Suddenly, Finch becomes engrossed in the life of Violet, and becomes desperate to get to know her better. He takes it upon himself to become her partner in a school project for their U.S. Geography class, where they must visit and in their case, wander different parts of Indiana, where they live. They discover the most unique and wacky parts, and it has made me want to go there someday.

Graduation is approaching, and so is college. Violet is counting down the days and crossing them off on her calendar, until she meets Finch.

Finch wants to protect Violet, he wants her to live, he wants her not to be stopped by her own shadow, or the shadow of her lost sister, but as her world begins to come alive again, his begins to stop.

This is an amazing story, and the characters are so complex and absolutely brilliant, you will fall in love with Violet, but most of all you will fall in love with Finch, the most intriguing, wild, unpredictable, lovable character I have ever come across.

“You are all the colours in one, at full brightness” – Theodore Finch

I hope this review was informative, and I hope you enjoy the book too, but be warned, you may need tissues. I would recommend this book to anyone 15 and over.

Bye for now x

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London Day 3 ♡

First of all, do not attempt the bean boozled challenge. You will end up eating vomit flavoured beans, and then end up eating actual vomit, so there, just don’t do it, pleasant reading right?

In actual fact, I didn’t throw up, but I was very close. The canned dog food, lawn clippings, smelly socks and baby wipe flavoured beans slightly took the edge off the vomit. I seemed to be the only person doing the challenge, and although I was eating the most absolutely disgusting flavoured pieces of crap, it was quite fun. By the way, if you’re reading this and eating breakfast/lunch/dinner, I do apologise. But anyway, that was in the evening, let’s start with a bit earlier on. Here’s London Day 3:

Let’s be honest, one of the main things we do when we go on holiday is eat out in nice restaurants, and my grandparents wanted to take us to a nice Italian place in their local town, so that’s where we went for lunch. But before that, my brother and my Dad and I hopped on the bus and went to a town about 20 minutes away where there was meant to be a very big charity shop. Since my brother is obsessed with all things 60s and records and all that, it seemed like the perfect place to go. I bought a record for myself, and one for my friend. I also found The Parent Trap on dvd for 99p and I couldn’t resist getting it. After going to the charity shop we had to get the bus to the Italian restaurant where we were meeting up with the rest of the family. Once we got there I sat down and had a good look at the menu, in the end I chose prawn linguine.

It was absolutely amazinggg, honestly it was one of the best lunches I’ve ever had. Despite it probably being over 2000 calories and dripping in oil, I didn’t feel too guilty about eating it.

After lunch, I met up with my friends who I’ve known my whole life and they introduced me to one of their friends who I’d never met before, surprisingly it wasn’t awkward at all and we got along really well. We just hung out, I helped my friend get rid of some of her old makeup, which was fun.

My mum’s oldest friend Kim invited us to her house to have a little get-together, with everyone invited. She cooked pasta, chicken, garlic bread and something else which I’ve forgotten…oops! The food was all really good, and everyone seemed to be having a great time. Kim’s little boy is a very talented footballer, despite being seven years old. He loves showing off his footballer skills, so himself, my dad, my brother, my uncle (Proppy, who was mentioned in previous posts), Kim’s brother and I all had a football brawl. Wow, that’s surprisingly difficult to say, football brawl. Anyway, I got two goals, which was a huge deal to me, seeing as I’m more than crap at football. It was quite funny to see my dad and brother playing just as badly as I was, it was a good laugh. For dessert we had profiteroles, cheesecake and strawberries, what more could you want?

After that everyone went home, and I couldn’t have been more ready for bed. It was a great day.

Bye for now x


London Day 2: ♡

Monday, this was when we were going into central London, and my expectations were high.

We got up around 9a.m, and I got changed into a red crop top from Topshop, and a black skater skirt (classic Hana outfit). I applied makeup and all that stuff but we won’t go into detail on that today. Once Sam (my brother), my mum, dad and I were ready to go, we made sure we had our Oyster cards, said goodbye to my grandparents and off we went!

The bus took us to the train station and we got the train to King’s Road where there were tons of really cool shops, quite expensive ones but they were fun to look at, even though I couldn’t afford anything. After a little while we were all a bit hungry and wanted a sit down, so we went to a family favourite, Pret A Manger. Since we don’t have it in Ireland we always go there when we come over. The food is so fresh and the prices aren’t too bad. We also had a look around Sloane Square, which was a lovely place too, the atmosphere was great and everyone seemed to be having a good time. We found a little old-fashioned book shop, packed full of new to old books, poetry and all sorts of writing. I bought a few classic penguin books for 80p, one was a book just full of Haikus, which I found oddly relaxing, and others we ancient Japanese and Chinese stories, which I am so excited to get in to, if you want me to do a post on them do let me know!

DSCN5405 (1).jpg

Also, if you happen to come across an Italian gelato shop called Amorino, do go in, and get the nicest ice-cream you will ever have in your life. They serve it like they do in Italy with paddles instead of scoops. The best part is they make it in the shape of a rose. You can have as many flavours as you like too, I had mango, strawberry, raspberry and chocolate hazelnut, and each flavour is a petal. Definitely go in if you get the chance, it’s worth it and is most certainly an experience.


The weather was alright, I wasn’t expecting it to be like Spain or anything, especially as it’s August, but I wish it could’ve been a little warmer.

The next stop was Leicester Square, it somehow ends up being the place where we always go in London, even when we weren’t planning it. My mum and I split up from Sam and my dad and we had a quick look around Covent Garden (a forever favourite stop of mine), we went into a Japanese shop called Art Box, where I bought some beautiful and adorable stationery, which I’ll share in a London Haul post, we also popped into some of the high-end makeup shops such as Charlotte Tilbury, Nars and Bobbi Brown, it was hard to resist splurging out and spending £20 on one lipstick… I didn’t buy it, I couldn’t part with my precious money.

We took a look around the market in the Piazza and there was a guy there that looked exactly like Leonardo DiCaprio when he was younger, my god, he was gorgey, we expected him to have an American, or Italian accent or something, but no, he opened his gob, and boy was I disappointed by the accent I witnessed. Anyway, shortly afterwards we met back up with my dad and Sam, and we had to decided upon somewhere to eat. With both my brother and dad not eating dairy or meat, it’s always difficult to find an appropriate restaurant, and to be quite honest, it’s a little annoying for my mum and I, when we’re in London there are so many cool and trendy restaurants to try out and we don’t get to go in them.

We ended up going to Jamie’s Italian, and good lord, you must try the fries there and make sure to order tons of their homemade tomato ketchup. I had prawn linguine and it was scrumpshteenie (my new word, it means it was good). There was also a gorgeous waiter there too haha, and my mum and I ogled him in true saddo fashion.

After dinner it was time to go home, I was sad the day was over but I couldn’t wait to get home, my feet were so sore and I was exhausted. When we got home all we did was chill out and go to bed. It was definitely a day to remember though, London really is amazing.

Bye for now x

London Day 1: ♡

Sitting in my grandparent’s garden in London, with the sun beaming down on me, and the chatter of family talking, I can safely say that I’m loving life.

Although that wasn’t the case earlier, about six hours ago I would’ve been happy enough to tear my eyeballs out, here’s why:

4:00a.m The usual dumb alarm clock noise, ducks quacking, what is wrong with me… Anyway, I managed to maintain the struggle of getting up at such a ridiculous hour, and stumble across my room (in the dark) to turn on the light. No sooner then being blinded by the sudden brightness, I nearly fell over due to that thing you get when you stand up too quickly, y’know, that white fuzzy eye thing. I somehow managed to get dressed, and go into my brother (Sam)’s room to wake him up. 30 minutes later and the suitcases were in the car, we were all set to go.

7:10a.m We were at the airport by this stage, and I was enjoying the constant bickering between the rest of my family (not). Soon to board the plane (thank jesus…). I didn’t get the chance to look at any duty-free makeup which was a shame, but maybe I will on the way back.

8:05a.m On the plane, stress levels through-the-roof, I cried my eyes out when we were taking off. Due to my whole family’s pettiness towards each other, I didn’t get to sit next to my mum on the plane, that was a real pain, because we’re usually each other’s comfort company during the flight. I felt so anxious and terrified for the first half of the flight, but when my mum saw my petrified expression she swapped places until she was sitting with me, and we comforted each other.

8:55a.m Near to landing, I felt awful. The turbulence was so bad, and I didn’t think we were even going to break through the clouds. But we did, we landed, safe and sound.

10:30-3:30. At my grandparent’s, my friend’s mum was kind enough to collect us from the airport and bring us here, and I’m just enjoying the sun. My mum’s brother (my uncle, Proppy, it’s a nickname) stopped by for a while and we all had a good catch up. A little while before that we nipped to the town to have a look in the charity shops, but they were closed, I went into the pharmacy and got a couple of little presents for people, which was fun. I’m sitting here in the sun, feeling MUCH better then before, and enjoying life.

3:20p.m I decided to put on a little makeup, because it’s FUN! If you would like to see what I used today, click here

4:00p.m My mum and Bubba decided to make an afternoon tea, and invited friends. My mum invited her friend and her mum and her little son Gabriel, it was so lovely to see them! My life-long besties came over and we snacked on tuna and cucumber finger sandwiches and egg sandwiches, and of course crisps! For dessert we had mini-scones, bakewell cake and no-bake strawberry cheesecake (and real strawberries). The weather was amazing, and the atmosphere was great.

It is currently 8:39p.m and to be quite honest, I am ready for bed. I’m gonna just chill and catch up on some YouTube videos!

Bye for now! Day two will be all about my trip (which is tomorrow) to London!

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